Intensive Private Classes, Zero to Integration in 10 days

Who is this course for?

Blink is perfect if you are in rush to get to a certain level of Dutch with private classes. Whether you are looking for a job, need to get your integration done as soon as possible, or you simply just have some free time at the moment - Blink is ideal for you! With this individual program, we will start from scratch and quickly cover the language program as well as integration program, learning all the things you need to know to pass your Dutch Integration exams. All this in just 10 days! This is an intensive program, where we will have 3-hour long private classes, for the entire 10 day duration of the course. At the end of our 10 days, we will have you ready for your exams in a "blink of an eye"! This program is available online & offline. You can book the first session through our website and schedule the rest of the course sessions with the professor during the course, to offer the most flexible solutions for you.

  • 1.700 euro