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English Lessons

For individuals, groups or companies

  • Price upon request

Who is this course for?

Our English classes are tailored to best address your level and learning needs. We start with an intake where we find out what you want to improve and also assess your current English level. We then prepare a custom-made program just for you, based on your learning needs and goals, as well as your way of learning. During our classes we will also focus on real-life situations, from your personal experience. This way we can ensure the most effective learning experience for you. For Corporates we can tailor the program to situations within the company, such as helping students with their presentations or telephone skills. If you wish to certify your English level, we offer classes following standardized programs to help you in your exam preparation. Our teachers are quite familiar with the main internationally recognized certifications such as IELTS, APTIS, and TOEFL. This course is available upon request for private individuals, groups or corporates. For private individuals or small groups, this program is available online or offline, at our location. For Corporates, this program takes place in your office, so your staff does not loose any time commuting. Get in touch to find out how we can help improve your English!

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