welcome at TULP EDUCATIE

Roger Bacon

Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom

Roger Bacon

Federico Fellini

a Different language is a different vision of life

Federico Fellini

Edmund de Waal

With languages, you are at home anywhere

Edmund de Waal

Ludwig Wittgenstein

The limits of my language, are the limits of my world

Ludwig Wittgenstein


To have another language is to possess a second soul


learn DUTCH

People from all over the world come to the Netherlands to live, work, study, or are just visiting. Many of them speak English, as it is their primary or secondary language. And it’s because so many Dutch people speak English, getting around with basic communication should be no problem. However, for foreign visitors that do not speak English so well, daily life can feel isolated due to the inability to communicate with their Dutch neighbors. And even when you do speak perfect English, you cannot live life to the max, since Dutch is still our language. So, if you really want to live local, understand, and participate in conversations, read and write, then you need to learn Dutch.


Here at Tulp Educatie we strongly feel that students benefit from the personal attention we provide. We make sure that all our visitors feel most welcome and at ease. We know that socializing and a normal day-to-day conversation is beneficial while learning a new language. No straight forward classrooms in our institute, but the ability to study in a warm living-room styled environment. Please feel welcome. We’re looking forward to your visit.


No matter what level or goals you might have, by trusting our services, we provide you with a personal and customized plan, where your interest is our concern. In the end, we are here to teach you our beautiful Dutch language.


We believe that creating an informal environment will help you benefit in learning a local language. Be safe and feel welcome is the key promise we make to our students. Learning a language by inviting you into our home, so to speak.


At Tulp Educatie we make 100 percent sure that we have a complete understanding of your needs in terms of individual situation, goals, and wishes. We examine your current skill level in order to make a joint and personalized course-plan.

how it BEGAN

Coming from a teaching background, founding manager Sandra Sewcharan learned from her students that there was a growing demand for a personalized and social approach. At that time there was no such institute where the teacher focusses just as much on the individual needs of the students as well as the course itself. Hence, back in 2011, Tulp Educatie was born.

Having spent a large part of her youth abroad, Sandra understands how it feels to become a part of a new society, and being welcomed in. Nowadays, she and her team of professionals work hard to offer you the same comfort and support.

Testimonial 1

The personal attention Tulp Educatie gives to me makes all the difference

Urvashie, student from the Republic of Mauritius

Testimonial 2

When I arrived in Holland, I could not speak one word Dutch. Look at me now

Michelle, student from Panama

Testimonial 3

No regrets choosing tulp educatie. to learn in an informal environment is great

Valera, student from Poland

Testimonial 4

Working as an osteopath in Rotterdam, requiers me to speak fluently Dutch

Daniel, paramedic form Moldova

Testimonial 5

Working in a corporate organisation, it's a big plus to read and write dutch

Alicia, team manager Unilever from Italy

Testimonial 6

I absolutely love the informal approach of the institute and can recommend it to everyone

Elisangela, student from Brazil

Testimonial 7

the living room like classrooms are perfect to me. THAT'S WHAT MAKES LEARNING DUTCH FUN

Hrishika, student from India

Testimonial 8

The teacher encouraged me to not be afraid to fail and speak up with confidence

Statis, student from Greece