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We believe that every student who walks through our doors deserves to get the best learning experience. This is why we combine different learning materials and methods to help our students in the most effective way with courses tailored to their specific needs

Founded in 2011, Tulp has been leading the way towards a new standard of learning for Rotterdam’s language schools. With students from various backgrounds and all walks of life, we deliver our courses in our hometown Rotterdam as well as in different countries across the globe. With every class we strive to deliver the most effective learning experience, tailored to your specific needs. We offer individual classes, group lessons and corporate training, for all levels of Dutch, English, and French.




We believe that creating an informal environment will help you benefit in learning a local language. We want to make you feel comfortable to be yourself and feel welcomed at Tulp, so you can fully imerse yourself in learning a language and culture.


No matter what level or goals you  may have, our doors are open to everyone. We respect your trust in us and our services, your time and investment in yourself. In the end, we are here to help you learn, understand and become part of Dutch society.


At Tulp Educatie we make 100 percent sure that we have a complete understanding of your needs in terms of individual situation, goals, and wishes. We examine your current skill level in order to make a joint and personalized course-plan.


Some of our corporate partners, who trust us to train their employees

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