Colorful Rotterdam is alive. It is thé metropolis of the Netherlands and the heart of all trade in this region of the continent. Rotterdam has transformed the last two decades into a vibrant and hip city with modern architecture, world culture, nightlife, bars, and restaurants. It is not surprising that Rotterdam has an enormous attraction to people from all over the world.

The city is bustling and alive because of the melting pot of cultures. Tolerance and acceptance are the core values of the many communities that make up this metropolis.

We enjoy helping all newcomers to be able to connect and immerse themselves with and in this wonderful city by teaching them not only the Dutch language but also the spirit of the people in Rotterdam.


Tulp Educatie is located in the working-class neighborhood of the “Oude Noorden”. Offering many coffee bars, lunchrooms, and shops, this neighborhood is rapidly becoming the SOHO of Rotterdam. Situated directly to the city center, with public transportation (tram) just around the corner and nearby the highway, this is the perfect location for the start of your language course and life in Rotterdam.

At our institute, you will not find a standard school interior, but you will be greeted in a warm, casual, and personal living room atmosphere. We want to convey our personal touch and that we are genuinely interested in our students.

All teachers at Tulp Educatie are native Dutch speakers and our institute has helped over the years many students from all walks of life to integrate into Dutch society by providing Dutch language courses and Civic Integration ‘Inburgering’ courses.

Please feel free to contact us to get acquainted and to learn more about the possibilities for learning at our school.

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