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Blink Together

Intensive Group Classes, Cover 2 levels in 10 days, 0 - A2, 30 hours.

  • 1.350 euro

Who is this course for?

Blink Together is for those looking to quickly improve their Dutch skills in small groups. Whether you and your friends want to learn Dutch quickly, whether you are looking for a job, or need to polish off your Dutch skills, or you simply just have some free time at the moment - Blink Together is the right course for you! With this group program we will get your language skills one level higher in just 10 days! This is an intensive program, where we will have 3-hour long group classes, for the entire 10 day duration of the course. At the end of our 10 days, we will have covered 2 levels (A1 and A2). We conclude with a test an a completion certificate. This is a group program where you will learn socially with other students of the same level. We keep our groups small, so you will be in a group with a maximum of 4 people of the same level. Do you have your own group? Then we can also arrange a group program for you and your friends! To book this course fill out our contact form or send an email to

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