Private classes only for Integration in 2 months

Who is this course for?

Integration is ideal for those who already know Dutch, but are looking to gradually prepare for the exams. If you already have the language skills up to level, but you are looking for a program to fully prepare you for the various Integration exams - Integration is the right course for you! With Integration, for 2 months, we will gradually go through all the things you need to know to pass your Dutch Integration exams. This is a standard paced program, lasting for 2 months, where we have 2 private classes each week, throughout the duration of the course. Each of our class sessions lasts about 2 hours. At the end of our 2 months, we aim to have you prepared to pass your exams with flying colors! This program is available online & offline. You can book the first session through our website and schedule the rest of the course sessions with the professor during the course, to offer the most flexible solutions for you.

  • 875 euro