Level Up

Private classes covering 1 level in 4 months

Who is this course for?

Level Up is perfect for those looking to learn Dutch gradually. If you are looking to fit private Dutch classes into your busy schedule, or you are more comfortable taking things at a normal pace, then Level Up is the course for you! With Level Up we will gradually go through everything as we cover 1 full level in 4 months. This is a standard paced program, lasting for 4 months, where we have 2 private classes each week, throughout the duration of the course. Each of our class sessions lasts about 2 hours. At the end of our 4 months, we will have covered 1 full level from the level you started on. We conclude with a test an a completion certificate. This program is available online & offline. You can book the first session through our website and schedule the rest of the course sessions with the professor during the course, to offer the most flexible solutions for you.

  • 1.700 euro